Uitgeschakeld (MdB 14-5-2019) BASAMRO: Tailor made Import from Brazil

More than 5% of all Brazilian export products end up in the Netherlands. That makes the Netherlands, after China, the US and Argentina the most important trade partner of Brazil. BASAMRO Shipping is responsible for a substantial part of the growing import from Brazil.

BASAMRO Shipping provides all logistical solutions of sea containers from Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande or one of the other thirty harbours in Brazil to Rotterdam or Antwerp. Products like iron ore, citruses or soybeans are transported by BASAMRO under fitting conditions to any destination you like. In short, we are a reliable partner when it comes to import from Brazil.

Export to Brazil

Because the Brazilian economy grows rapidly, this Southern-American country has become an increasingly important export destination. We would gladly assist you with your export to Brazil. We take care of logistics, arrange customs clearance and keep you updated from start to finish.

Would you like to have more information about our services to other BRIC-countries? Please contact us and read how we can assist you with your transport to Russia, import from India or import to China.

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