BASAMRO: experts in coiltransport

Cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel, pickled or oiled: BASAMRO speaks your language. For years now, we have been servicing the steel sector and know the grades and sizes of steel you work with. We continuously remain up-to-date in regard to the requirements for transport of coils, beams, pipes and other mill products.

Our centre of expertise when it comes to coil transport is BASAMRO Aachen. This office was originally located in Aachen, but in 2009 it was relocated to Heerlen. From this office, for years now, we have been managing the transport from and to the ‘Ruhr area’ and cities like Liège and Maastricht. Nowadays, BASAMRO Aachen also manages inner German road transport and transports in Belgium.

Trailers for coil transport

In order to serve our customers and meet their demand for transport, BASAMRO possesses its own trailers for coil transport. These trailers are equipped with a coil well and the appropriate facilities to fixate the coils.

BASAMRO arranges also ocean freight, transport on inland waterways or by rail. Coil transport by container is also an option. Whatever means of transportation you choose, we take care of the proper planning and paperwork.

Transport of other products

BASAMRO provides transport for any product you can think of, ranging from non-ferro metals to chemicals and from wood to paper. Please contact us for more information.

Other countries

Besides managing transport to Germany, BASAMRO is able to service across Europe, including transport to Russia. We may also be of service to you outside the borders of Europe, for instance with import from China, import from India or import from Indonesia.

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