Decades of experience in freighting and shipment

BASAMRO Shipping was established in 1983 by Aart van der Basch. Four years later Pim van den Brom joined the company , which meant the start of BASAMRO Transport.

Within three decades, BASAMRO Shipping grew to become a worldwide freight forwarder, while BASAMRO Transport focussed on the freighting of trucks across Europe.

A necessary condition for a successful transport company is the supply of information. Right from the start information technology was top priority for BASAMRO information. Therefore, the company was one of the first users of the well know software GreenCat.GreenCat as manufacturer is constantly on top of improvements and developments of its software.


As expansion of the activities, BASAMRO started with an office in Aachen, specialised in coil transport. In 2009. For strategic reasons, this office was relocated to the Dutch side of the border. Besides the specialized team for Shipment and Transport in Rhoon, BASAMRO Aachen includes a team that is specialized in German means of Transport.

Through the years, BASAMRO has become a transport company with a significant reputation and experience and a long list of loyal clients.