Your partner for Chinese import and export

BASAMRO is your experienced partner in shipping to China.

Shipping China

China is a huge market that rapidly changes. BASAMRO Shipping has specialists that utterly know these markets, due to their years of working experience in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They would gladly organize your import and export from or to China.

In China BASAMRO Shipping cooperates with a local agent. This agent is a professional partner that manages the entire import or export process. From the factory to the harbour, up to shipment across the globe. They organize paperwork, monitor the transport and take care of a timely shipment.


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‘Door to door’ Import from China

BASAMRO Shipping provides serious services. We can manage the complete transport from door to door. Cooperation with a local agent allows us to ensure that your import will arrive at your warehouse in time. From Shanghai or one of the many upcoming inland cities. BASAMRO Shipping also manages customs clearance for your shipments.

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