Transport to Norway via BASAMRO Transport

BASAMRO Transport is an experienced and reliable specialist for transport between Norway and the Netherlands.

Transport to Norway

With our expertise, we can bring together demand and supply for road transport, and we are able to find a solution for virtually every transport to Norway.


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Total solutions for import and export in Norway

BASAMRO Transport can provide your standard transport to Norway or your special transport of extra heavy cargo. We can also combine shipments upon request. We can provide both exports to Norway and importing goods from Norway. In addition to transport, we can also arrange extra services, such as the necessary export documentation and the EUR1 certificate, so you can pay less in customs duties. In short, total service that you can rely on.

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When you choose BASAMRO, you are guaranteed the highest level of quality and service. Whether exporting to Norway or importing from Norway, we ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination as quickly and affordably as possible.

Request an estimate online and our staff will process your request immediately. We will examine which form of transport to Norway is best for your shipment, and we will provide the most competitive price. If you have any questions about your transport between Norway and the Netherlands, please contact us with no obligation.