Transport optimization by BASAMRO

BASAMRO is your experienced partner in transport.

We optimize your shipments

Are you looking for a trustworthy transport partner that actively helps you find ways to work cost-effectively? BASAMRO is that partner. We apply different methods to optimize your shipments. This way, you never have to spend more than what is needed on your transport.

When optimizing transport, we take all consignments and modes of transport into account. Transport by sea, through flight, by road or by train. We also take pickup- and delivery times, dangerous goods, valuable goods, safety and customs into account.

We optimize planning the shipment and route, during which we take service, mode, speed, load capacity, costs and tariffs into account. Our transport software is always up-to-date and shipments can be followed with track & trace.


By road or by sea

Throughout years of experience, BASAMRO has built up many reliable relationships in many different sectors. BASAMRO specialises in both road and sea transport. BASAMRO is highly skilled in the transport of all types of wood.

BASAMRO is your transport partner

ASAMRO is the transport partner that can help you with all your steel transport needs. We take care of your logistical needs from start to finish. Having BASAMRO as a transport partner has many advantages:

  • We purchase all our transport independently
  • No order is too big for us
  • We operate around the world
  • BASAMRO is available 24/7
  • More than 30 years of experience

Request a quote for your transport

Because of our many years of experience with the import and export of many different types of products, you will benefit from a competitive price. Whether you need a partial load or a complete shipment, you are always assured of the best quality and service.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact one of our expert employees for advice without obligation, or request an online quotation directly.