Transport to Hungary

Are you looking for a good partner for your transport between Hungary and the Netherlands and vice versa? You’re at the right address with BASAMRO Transport.

Transport to Hungary

Our transport to Hungary is competitively priced and offers excellent quality. We take all of the work off of your hands, so you can focus on your core business.

In addition to exports to Hungary, we can also arrange temporary storage for your goods and the necessary paperwork. For example, are you familiar with the Electronic Road Transport Control System that Hungary implemented on 1 January 2015? With this law, the Hungarian government hopes to prevent corruption and VAT fraud. What does that mean for you? We would be happy to discuss the options available.


Want to know more about our transport services to Hungary?

Please contact one of our expert employees for advice without obligation.

Specialised in transport to Hungary

Our professional staff can advise you on the options available for import and export to Hungary. Whether it is a consolidated transport or a complete transport, we can arrange it all for you.

We arrange complete transports to and from Hungary every day. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, a consolidated shipment leaves the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for destination Hungary. A consolidated shipment leaves Hungary every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Feel free to contact us for distribution within Hungary, ADR and refrigerated transport as well.

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Whether you have a shipment to Budapest or to a small village in the countryside, BASAMRO is your reliable transport partner. Thanks to our expansive network, we can arrange efficient, expert and affordable transport between Hungary and the Netherlands.

If you have any questions about transport to Hungary, or need information about a specific transport problem, please feel free to contact us, and our specialists will offer a suitable recommendation. Or request an online estimate and we will provide a bespoke estimate within a few days.