Shipping Russia

BASAMRO is your experienced partner in shipping to Russia.

Shipping Russia

What makes BASAMRO Shipping Russia special? We have our own specialists that speak the language of our Russian agents and the local authorities. That is a major advantage in a country with a different culture than Western-Europe. This gives BASAMRO the opportunity to provide a trouble-free and uninterrupted transport to and from Russia.

Russia transportation often means a combination of sea freight, rail transport and/or road transport. But we do not hesitate to charter an entire airplane for you to Vladivostok. In each specific case, we can indicate which combination of modalities offers you the best logistic performance at the best price.


More information about our shipping to Russia?

Transport to Russia past Saint Petersburg

A transport to Russia often starts by ship to St-Petersburg. But BASMARO Shipping likes to find optimal solutions. By looking for solutions we learned that the port of Murmansk can be an appealing alternative to avoid the busy Gulf of Finland.

Various products, ranging from steel to chemicals and from wood to paper can be transported by BASAMRO. We are also a strong partner for project-oriented loads. Has shipping a patrol boat through Antwerp and South-Korea to the east of Russia ever crossed your mind? You can count us in!

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Because of our many years of experience with the import and export you will benefit from a competitive price. Whether you need a partial load or a complete shipment, you are always assured of the best quality and service.

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